Runner's Race Day Info


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Check-in, Course, Parking, 1/2 Marathon Shuttles, Aid Stations, Bathrooms, Awards and Festivities 

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Check in: 
Check in for all races is at the Loomis Train Depot Plaza at 3640 Taylor Road Loomis, CA 95650
 ½ Marathon:     Check in begins at 6:15 am 
5K:         Check in begins at 7:30 am 
Course Safety:
Roads are not closed for this event. You will be sharing the road with vehicle traffic and must obey pedestrian traffic laws. Participants should use caution and keep to the shoulder. 
Traffic will not be held for walkers. Walkers need to proceed through intersections when safe to do so as permitted by traffic signals or signs, or when directed by a volunteer or law enforcement officer.
After approximately 10:30 am traffic will not be held and extreme caution should be used crossing streets. Only cross as permitted by traffic signals and signs. 
Volunteer cyclists will lead out the 1/2 marathon from the start and proceed in front of the 1st runner to the finish line. A cyclist will also trail the last runner.

Course Directions: 
1/2 Marathon: Starts on Stadium Way above the Placer High School Track in Auburn and ends at the Train Depot in downtown Loomis. 
See map under Course Maps tab. (This course will be marked with mile markers and direction arrows.) Bib number color is green for this course. 

5K: Loop from the Train Depot in downtown Loomis out Taylor Road, Turnaround on Rippey after 2nd Rippey Road intersection, then return on Rippey Road. Watch for turnaround point. (This course will be marked with mile markers and direction arrows.) Bib number color is white for this course. 
    •    Loomis Grammar School, Taylor and King Roads 
    •    Blue Goose Fruit Shed gravel parking lots
    •    No Parking in Front of the Blue Goose 
    •    Unmarked residential streets 
DO NOT PARK IN THE AREA BETWEEN THE RAILROAD TRACK AND THE FENCE. Vehicles parked in the gravel railroad right of way are subject to immediate towing, a $2,000 fine and possible damage to the car if a wide-load train passes. 
Please observe No Parking Signs at business locations. Vehicles are subject to immediate towing. 

1/2 Marathon Parking: 
Free parking is available at the starting line in the upper parking lot on Stadium Way above the track at Placer High School. 
1/2 Marathon Shuttles: 
7:10 am Sharp. Shuttle services from race check-in to start at Placer High School Stadium. Shuttle pick-up is at the Loomis Depot, end of Horseshoe Bar Road at Taylor Road. 
Drop Bags: 
Drop bags may be checked in near the registration area or left at the start and transported to the Loomis Depot and can be picked up at the check-in table. 
Animals/Pets on the course:
Only registered and licensed service animals are permitted on the course due to insurance requirements.
Aid Stations: 
Water and Gatorade will be provided at Aid Stations.
Aid Station Locations: 
1/2 Marathon: 
Aid Station will be at approximately 2.5 miles, 5.5 miles, 8 miles and 10 miles. 
Check in:
Restrooms near registration are at the south of Loomis Depot and in the parking lot area. 
1/2 Marathon Course restrooms will be located at: 
    •    The Start in the parking lot on Stadium Way 
    •    Prior to mile mark 2 (Mt. Vernon @ Collins Dr.) 
    •    Approximately mile 6 (Ophir @ Geraldson)
    •    Approximately mile 8 (Newcastle Cemetery - Taylor Road @ Cardoso)
    •    Approximately mile 10 (just before Valencia Club)
    •    The finish line.
5K Course restrooms will be located at:
    •    The start/finish at the end of Walnut Street 
    •    Registration 

End of run refreshments will be provided between the finish line and the Train Depot

First Aid: 
First Aid is available at the Train Depot. There will also be first aid providers patrolling the route. 
For emergencies the Loomis Fire House is located 1/2 block from the Depot on Horseshoe Bar Road
Aid Stations will have first aid kits
Awards and Festivities:
Award presentations will be in front of the Train Depot at 10:30am. 
    •    Medals for all 1/2 marathon finishers up to the first 300 finishers
    •    Medals for female and male age division winners 1st – 3rd
    •    10 lb. bag of Mandarins to the 1st male and female of each age group
Music provided by: 
Mark Von Thaden of Audio Concepts