Dear LUSD Parents, Loomis Businesses, and Community Members,

We need your help if the Loomis Union School District is to remain a premier district that continues to offer a full curriculum and enrichment programs for our children. 
This year, 2017-2018, we are planning to double that!  For our 10th year as a foundation we want to give $10,000 to each school!
•  Our recent API scores and top ranking status in Northern California prove that we are a premier school district. 

•   Funding from our state government continues to be unpredictable and insufficient to maintain, let alone, strengthen, the level of education our children deserve. 
•   In October of 2013, L.B.E.F.  approved a $35,000 grant to be divided between each of the seven Loomis Union School District schools to assist in the funding for technology and/or visual and performing arts, this program continues today.  SInce then we have donated over 100K back!

•   In September of 2012, L.B.E.F. granted $22,000 to the Loomis Union School District to assist in funding the Physical Education Program for the current school year.

•   Additionally in October of 2012, L.B.E.F. granted $11,000 for new musical instruments and equipment for the LUSD Music Program. 

•   In 2010, L.B.E.F. organized a campaign that raised $26,400 from parents and the community. L.B.E.F. matched the funds up to $26,000 and granted $52,400 to the Loomis Union School District. By working together we can keep our schools premier.The Loomis Basin Education Foundation (L.B.E.F.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation that supports the students of this district and their education. 

Please join us in protecting the premier education that our children enjoy. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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