Allocation Of Funds

This year, 2017-2018, we are planning to double that!  For our 10th year as a foundation we want to give $10,000 to each school!
  • Our Grant program continues to run strong with funds being used for new technology, science and/or visual and performing arts.  In 2016, $35,000 was granted to each of the seven schools in our district.  
  • Due to a record Go The Distance event, LBEF gave back to the Loomis schools over $75,000 in fiscal year 2016.
  •  In September of 2012, L.B.E.F. granted $22,000 to the Loomis Union School District to assist in funding the Physical Education Program for the current school year.
  • Additionally in the fall of 2012 L.B.E.F. granted $11,000 for new musical instruments for the LUSD Music Program.
  • In 2010, L.B.E.F. organized a campaign that raised $26,400 from parents and the community. L.B.E.F. matched the funds up to $26,000 and granted $52,400 to the Loomis Union School District. By working together we can keep our schools premier.